Communication that everyone can share.

Again, Regan next to Dr. Shah, interpreting.


Bridging People Together.

Regan is interpreting "point/goal" in a still frame with a brochure on the left: TIPS ON PHYSICAL DISTANCING While Staying Socially Connected"


Providing Media Access.

Regan talking to student signing "HOW" during an evaluation. Student has a pen and paper.


Finding Unique Abilities.


22 years of experience ranging from 40-Hour CDI Training to ASL and Interpreting workshops, to guest presentations for events and legislation, to advocacy for best practices in Language and Education. Locally and worldwide, you have come to a well-rounded consulting expert on Deaf people, interpreting, ASL, and more!

A wall of books on shelves lead on the left while a row of einstein lights light the way down.


Training topics are typically based on Interpreting and Sign language as well as Linguistics and Deaf Culture for both Deaf and Hearing people of all ages.

A tunnel is created out of books. It looks like the books were sliced in the process.


Due to an interdisciplinary background- my guest presentation experience ranges from human-based motivational speeches at graduations to language-based educational presentations at conferences.

Mini balls with globe maps on them stack up. Some are black and some are yellow.


Advocacy can happen in small and big ways from simple provision of resources to sitting on a legislative task force passing bills as I have done. Do not hesitate to reach out!

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